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THE Birò


modern / forward-looking / compact 
exclusive /
sustainable / active / flexible

BIRÒ has a top speed of up to 45 km/h and power of 4 kW + a ‘Boost’ button that provides a short-term increase in power, yet drivers require only a Class AM licence. 

Drivers with a Class B licence can choose the BIRÒ with the ‘Bolt’ Category L7e power upgrade, with a top speed of up to 60 km/h, more power, a reinforced frame and additional driving beam headlights. 

BIRÒ is equipped with one battery as standard, and offers a range of up to 100 km. 

The optional Re-Move battery extends the range by a further 55 km. 

The Re-Move battery is easy to take out and charge using any conventional power outlet (at home, in the office etc.). That makes it much easier to use BIRÒ, as you don’t always need to find a parking space with a charging station.  
BIRÒ is 100% eligible for input tax deduction and the Austrian Government’s subsidy of € 1,000 per electric vehicle - whether purchased or leased.

BIRÒ is currently being added to the list of electric vehicles eligible for subsidies in Germany – Please contact us for further information.
100 km of range for less than € 1!

BIRÒ is easy to charge at any time using any power outlet (220 V). You can use the optional cable to connect your BIRÒ to electric vehicle charging stations. 

BIRÒ is 100% electric and extremely silent: perfect for the future of mobility.  

With its compact dimensions, BIRÒ makes parking and nipping through heavy traffic child’s play. Do you really need 2 tonnes of iron, plastic and fabric to crawl around the city centre at 25 km/h?

BIRÒ makes things easier! 

Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can navigate city traffic like a car, as well as accessing car-free areas in many cities. Forget all the hours you wasted looking for a parking space, stuck in traffic or avoiding areas with restricted access: BIRÒ lets you drive straight to your destination and park right outside.  

Safety is another important factor in vehicles of this kind, as there can be no freedom without safety.

4 disc brakes and a deformation-resistant steel tubing frame protect you and your passenger. 

The high density, rotation-moulded ABS structures ensure durability and excellent shock absorption, while the 3-point safety belts ensure comfort and protection on the road.

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